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Beckenham's stockists of the finest organic meats

Our effort and dedication is anything but poultry

At Banfields of Beckenham, we believe that we offer premium organic meats to our customers throughout Beckenham that are both safe and tasty. However, we don't just expect you to take our word for it. We provide personal guarantees of our butcher shop, demanding complete customer satisfaction every time. We'll make sure you walk away knowing you made the right decision buying your meats at Banfields of Beckenham. 
Butcher slicing organic meats in Beckenham


Our meats are certified and checked for hygiene and safety before we prepare them for sale. 
Butcher carrying organic meats in Beckenham

Premium meats

Our butcher shop in Beckenham source only high quality meats from across the land, maximising the taste and texture that can vary so much from shop to shop. Our promise and pledge is to deliver premium meats that chefs would only accept. 

Call us on (03) 332 6148 for more information about our premium meat cuts.
Butcher presenting organic meats in Beckenham

Finest cuts

Our butchers provide the finest of cuts of organic meats, developing their technique over the course of a lifetime. We're food lovers just like you, taking pride in serving well-prepared meats, all at a reasonable price. 

Don't hesitate to call us on (03) 332 6148 or send us an enquiry using the form on the contact page.
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